NGOLD Gstaad® is a Swiss brand, our mission is to offer you new energy in your life. 


A new way to approach the benefits of crystals. A desire to do things differently. The powerful benefits of crystals are no longer reserved only for gurus. NGOLD Gstaad is creating a new way to achieve well-being and health through this precious everyday object, through rituals and through shared knowledge.

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Crystal benefits

Whether you are a skeptic or versed in alternative wellness, one thing is known, that crystals have their own vibration. Our thoughts and bodies also have vibration. However, unlike crystals that vibrate with clear and specific energy, we can become unbalanced physically and emotionally. This is where crystals' benefits come into play. Each crystal has its own unique energy frequency. If we are open-minded to connecting with the energies emitted, crystals can serve as a tuning tool, to help align our own energies, to a more balanced state of being, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Combining water with crystals is believed to infuse the water with the crystals healing energetic vibrations.

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