The 4th dimension: knowing everything about the new world that is awakening to us!

More and more people are talking about the New World, this planetary evolution that is leading us towards a much more conscious understanding and appreciation of Life. Through discussions with friends and colleagues, the subject asks: what does this mean concretely? atelierMarie. takes us on a journey to the encounter with the fourth dimension. Ready to take the plunge?

To begin, let's remember that the third dimension (3D) is well known to us. It is the way we perceive the world through our human senses. A vision that leads us to believe that everything is contained in a three-way axis. Is this really the case? Knowing that a line is an infinite succession of points, why limit reality to three planes? In fact, there are as many parallels to our human dimension as there are points in a line. Reality is a continuum that is not immutable. Albert Einstein could not contradict this truth: everything is energy. Absolutely everything, from sound to colors, from thought to body. Materiality is limiting by default and limited by our human belief. The moment we open our field of perception to more possibilities, they reveal themselves to be much more infinite than our thoughts seem to believe.

With this evidence in mind, it is logical to expect that there is a larger dimension than 3D. But before plunging into the fourth dimension, it's good to point out that each dimension does not represent only a space-time. It is a state of Being. To better understand this, let us start from the first dimension that allows us to experience materiality through our physical body. It is our "body state", the densest one that symbolizes our health and sensations on the physical level. Then comes the second dimension that constitutes us: the "state of mind." It corresponds to the emotional body, our feelings, and intuition, our emotions, and feelings. The third dimension is called the "state of mind", in relation to our mental body which we more commonly call intellect or intelligence. This is where our capacity for reasoning comes from. We are these three dimensions at the same time: body, soul, and mind. To heal the physical body, a person will go to the traditional doctor. For disorders and illnesses of the mind, one will knock on the door of the psychiatrist or psychologist. When our life energy, chakras, or other imbalances are felt in our emotional body, it is with the healer, therapist, or shaman that healing will take place.

Each signal from our dimensional bodies carries within it a message that we must understand and integrate in order to reveal ourselves to our profound Being, our divine part. It is the spark that vibrates within us, connected to the Great Whole, to the Almighty Power. It is when our consciousness opens up to this universal Source that we reach the "state of awakening." Our relational body connects to the unique Life Energy within each of us. Mortality and spirituality begin to make sense, without any dogma or dictates or ties to religion. Hence the paradigm shifts that are occurring around the world today. As soon as humans enter the fourth dimension, they know that everything is connected. A man understands better that everything is energy. That every situation, person, experience, a symptom experienced is only a mirror of his own person. We attract to us that which vibrates at the same frequency. We have free will - always - to experience what we wish to experience. The mirror effect allows us to realize what is happening inside us, it is the reflection of our soul.

Is there something you don't like about this person? Don't you think it's because you don't accept this behavior in yourself?

Quality of life is the acceptance of what is in unconditional love, in non-judgment. And it all starts with the inner attitude, the way we look at ourselves in the mirror. With the gaze of higher consciousness, we know that the perception we have of Self determines the perception of our external world. My personal experience and by listening to beautiful souls, I can assure you that everything is possible. That life is beautiful, if only you allow it to be so. Incarnate your Being with all its facets, in the union of all its dimensions. Choose the life you want. This is what the fourth dimension implies: the creative power to manifest your life according to your state of being, connected to the entire Universe that guides us unconditionally. In love, always. And if you know this magical happiness of the fourth dimension, then the fifth dimension should no longer be a mystery to you. To be continued...

This article was written by our contributor MARIE BALDI

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