Our favorite: The Ultima Gstaad SPA

Ultima Gstaad Hotel SPA  - NGOLD Gstaad

In the upscale town of Gstaad in Switzerland, discover the magnificent experience of the "Ultima Gstaad SPA” by Ultima Collection.

About Ultima Collection

Ultima Collection “the signature of exceptional” is a unique group of hotels, villas, spas, and residences that disrupts the traditional hospitality sector. Ultima Collection is founded in 2016 by two ambitious and bold entrepreneurs Max-Hervé George and Byron Baciocchi. The group has a very unique vision and says: “Our properties are as private as a yacht on the Atlantic, providing highly personalized services, in utter privacy and seclusion”.

Ultima Gstaad

Ultima Gstaad marks the beginning of the group's adventure. The vision: to create a living space as intimate as a private luxury home, but as comfortable as a true five-star hotel. Ultima Gstaad was born and has succeeded in becoming several times award-winning and one of the most exclusive boutique hotels in Switzerland.

The ***** Superior SPA

Our favorite part of the Ultima Gstaad hotel is the SPA where you can be taken care of by La Prairie. It’s simply the most beautiful and luxurious SPA we've ever seen.

Covering 800 m2 for exquisite spa and wellness vitality. Various treatments are provided with La Prairie, detox bar, and fresh juices and a light diet is provided to enjoy the aesthetic clinics and therapies. One must discover the 15-meter pool and sheltered whirlpool under the open sky in the Ultima Gstaad SPA area.

The Ultima Gstaad is home to a treasure: the Ultima Spa, 
a concentration of luxury, high-end facilities and expert knowledge! For you to enjoy:

  • Hammam
  • Sauna
  • Indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi
  • 15-meters pool
  • 6 treatment and massage rooms, including 1 double booth
  • Healthy Bar
  • Gym
Ultima Gstaad SPA - NGOLD Gstaad

Ultima Gstaad - NGOLD Gstaad


Ultima Gstaad is a real favorite and is a real disruptor in the Swiss Luxury Hospitality industry. The fact that Ultima has such a contemporary vision, puts so much emphasis on contemporary art and design, is at the forefront of everything, but keeping it so intimate and warm, both in terms of the great staff and the locations, is what we like the most. You can enjoy the greatest luxury and the latest trends and be in the middle of the Swiss mountains in Gstaad at the same time!

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