Everyone has a different version of Astrology. The believers call it a beautiful science, but the rest find it really tough to even acknowledge the existence of the word 'Astrology.' Isn't this ironic? Although Astrology is a stream of Science, the learned do not want to speak about it; however, they strongly believe in the Universe, the Big Bang Theory, Godly particle, and the positioning of the planets.

The only things that they probably do want to admit are the importance of these planets and their influence on the lives of people.  Some people blame the stars for every event that takes place in their lives while the rest take it on their own. Dwelling more on this topic can help us all understand the fascinating side of astrology. Through this article, we intend to give as much information as possible on ‘Astrology’ to all our readers.

The first and the foremost thing that strikes all our minds the moment we say 'Astrology' are the Stars. One of the bestselling authors, Linda Goodman, has elucidated various facts about stars in her amazing book 'Star Signs' and 'Sun Signs.' 

Let us quickly dive into what Astrology is and what it is not?
  • Daily Horoscopes are just the basics

Everyone gets fascinated as they read through the daily horoscopes and the zodiac details on a magazine or the daily newspapers. We must understand that these are generic predictions made by astrologers.

Twelve months have 12 Zodiac signs, and every individual would be mapped to a respective sign depending on their birth month. Taking this into consideration, the astrologers come up with a holistic prediction that can be applied in general by all those that belong to a particular Zodiac sign. We must understand that sun sign predictions that happen daily are not related to the natal chart. 

  • Everything isn’t dependant on the stars

According to the believers, everything that happens in your lives is because of the stars. Well, that cannot be practically acceptable. Some of the issues might occur due to movement and the positioning of certain planets at certain houses of your horoscope, and a few of them are mainly because of your actions. Blaming the stars for everything isn’t the right thing to do.

  • Astrology is beyond horoscopes

Astrology isn't just limited to the study of horoscopes and natal charts. It is way beyond all these things. This is a vast stream of Science that allows people to know in-depth about the celestial bodies, stars, planets, the trajectory movements, positioning, and their effects on their lives. The dates, occasions, and the auspicious moments are keeping all these things as reference points with the horoscopes of an individual.

As we all know that the planets keep changing their positions, and everything changed accordingly during the transition phase. The planets, along with the moon, sun, and the stars, everything has a meaning in the Astrological world. They aren't just heavenly bodies; their importance is way beyond it.  

  • Astrology can be overwhelming at times

Everything that you want to know about your life, traits, and characteristics can be easily tracked with the help of astrology. Sometimes the personality traits of an individual coincide exactly with the Zodiac signs, and that can be quite whimsical. While you read through all those things carefully, you would start understanding a whole new dimension of astrology. 

Right from burning the incense until the study of precious gems, crystals, and the colors that work well for your growth can be easily understood by studying Astrology.

People that master tarot card reading, gemmology, and spells; everyone works on the basis of Astrology. All these arts and sciences are totally dependent on the planetary positions. So, can we actually defy these things? It is difficult, isn't it? So, Astrology can be totally magical at times!

Now that we have understood an ounce of what Astrology is, it is time to get to focus on the misconceptions as well.

  • 12 Zodiac signs refer to 12 categories of people

It is impossible to bucket and classify people into 12 types as there are 12 Zodiac signs. The most common traits and personalities of people, along with their birth, are matched to these Zodiac signs. It has got nothing to do with the individual.

  • Astrologers are magicians

Some people walk into astrologers hoping to find solutions to all their problems in life. This is again one of the most common misconceptions that people have at the back of their minds. A premonition about the astrologers changing destiny is deeply rooted in the minds of people, and this does not work. Astrologers make predictions based on the Science that they have learned. They aren't magicians; they are humans too!

  • The stars would do all the job for us.

This is another major misconception that rules almost everyone that believes in Astrology. Unless and until an individual works hard and concentrates on things that they do, stars would not do anything. The astrologers would give you all the possibilities to come out of a crisis, but it is up to every individual to work hard and change things for themselves. 

While luck has its own work to do, as humans, one has to be responsible for their actions. It is foolish to sit with hands tied and blame the stars for everything that happens in our lives.

  • Changes take place overnight

Some people feel that the stars and the celestial bodies change their positioning in seconds and make things work instantly. This can again one of the greatest misconceptions of humankind. Everything takes time, and so do the changes and transformations too. So, expecting changes to take place overnight is certainly not going to happen. Having such expectations can lead to disappointments and can also turn one into a non-believer instantly.

These are some of the most important things that everyone must know and understand about Astrology. Like all the other branches of Science, Astrology is also an interesting and fascinating line of Science that unveils a lot of curious things about the heavenly bodies and their influence on human lives.  

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